2008 Rugby League World Cup

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Below are details of the 1st round fixtures, including when and where they will be played, plus some specially selected recipes which represent the best of traditional cuisine from the ten countries taking part in this tournament,  so you can prepare authentic dishes to enjoy whilst you're watching the matches.


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Happy Cooking, Eating, Rugby watching !

Group A

Flag of Australia Australia

Recipe: Antipodean Lamb Pie


Flag of England England

Recipe:  Beef Wellington


Flag of New Zealand New Zealand

Recipe:  Kiwi Lamb Skewers


Flag of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea

Recipe: Kokoda


October 25
England  v  Papua New Guinea Dairy Farmers Stadium, Townsville

October 26
Australia  v  New Zealand Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney

November 1
New Zealand  v  Papua New Guinea Skilled Park, Gold Coast

November 2
Australia  v  England Telstra Dome, Melbourne

November 8
England  v  New Zealand Energy Australia Stadium, Newcastle

November 9
Australia  v  Papua New Guinea Dairy Farmers Stadium, Townsville

Group B

Flag of Fiji Fiji

Recipe:  Fijian Chicken Wings


Flag of France France

Recipe:   Cassoulet


Flag of Scotland Scotland

Recipe:  Finnan Haddie


October 26,
France Flag of France v Flag of Scotland Scotland Canberra Stadium, Canberra

November 1,
Fiji Flag of Fiji v Flag of France France WIN Stadium, Wollongong

November 5,
Scotland Flag of Scotland v Flag of Fiji Fiji Bluetongue Stadium, Gosford

Group C

Flag of Tonga Tonga

Recipe:  Tongan Pawpaw Salad


Flag of Ireland Ireland

Recipe:   Beef in Guinness


Flag of Samoa Samoa

Recipe:   Raw Fish in Coconut Cream


October 27,
Ireland Flag of Ireland v Flag of Tonga Tonga Parramatta Stadium, Sydney

October 31,
Tonga Flag of Tonga v Flag of Samoa Samoa CUA Stadium, Sydney

November 5,
Ireland Flag of Ireland v Flag of Samoa Samoa Parramatta Stadium, Sydney